Ro Molina

Sleep enthusiast, devoted tea drinker, maker of various and sundry things.

About the Artist:

Ro Molina is an artist and graphic designer. Her photography, mixed-media pieces and paintings have been displayed at The Prince George Ballroom Gallery in NYC.

She also specializes in book covers for indie-published writers. Her specialties are anything genre-related (mysteries and thrillers are her favorites) and commercial fiction covers.

In her off time, Ro has worked with children through New York Cares and FreeArtsNYC.

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Book Covers

I've worked as a graphic designer for websites and promotional materials for 11 years, moving on to designing book covers in 2012.

Currently only accepting commissions for custom book covers.

Mixed Media Photo-Paintings

My photo-paintings were inspired by a painting I bought on a cruise ship that I later discovered was a canvas print embellished with daubs of paint. I began experimenting with a similar process with my own photography. These small mixed media paintings force me to carefully consider the construction of each piece.

I select photographs that I’ve taken, run them through a digital filter, have them professionally printed, and accent them with acrylic paint. Some pieces have subtle changes while others are completely transformed. These photo-paintings have great texture and are really best seen in person!

For inquires about sales or to commission a custom photo-painting, use the form to contact me.


I love creating art that allows me to be formless and free and play with the contrast between colors, shapes, and textures.

Contact me if you'd like to purchase one of these pieces for your home or business.

Contact Me:

Want to purchase a painting or commission a custom photo-painting?

Interested in hiring me to create a cover for your book? Use this form to contact me for pricing and information.